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Welcome to my site! I'm Tiffany, a proud mama bear to four energetic boys aged 18, 13, 11, and 8. Life with them is a whirlwind, but we thrive in what we lovingly call "Happy Chaos."


Street Cred:
I've been playing competitive tennis for the past 30 years, and though I'm still perfecting my game, it's a passion I hold dear. Recently, I've also embraced Pickleball, splitting my time between the two sports almost every day. Some of my dearest friends are my tennis and pickleball companions!

While I'm not yet on the WTA or PPA Tours (fingers crossed!), I keep busy as the Director of Marketing for a niche furniture company. I also offer marketing and design services for pickleball tournaments across the USA and created Happy Chaos Candles locally in Chagrin Falls, Ohio.

Thank you for supporting me on my entrepreneurial and design journey!

Special shout-out to Jfenn, who supports and encourages me like no other!

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